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Anchor Recovery is a national leader in Peer to Peer service. Our training hopes to further the development of peer recovery specialists across the country by offering the core classes needed to begin the journey. Anchor Recovery also offers training for those who have completed the core classes, and now look to further their education.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to become a recovery specialist, where do I start?

Start by applying for the Integrated Peer Recovery and Mental Health training. While you are doing that we recommend finding a place to volunteer. After you complete the Peer Training, you are eligible to take the Ethics training. After taking both the Peer Training, and Ethics training start collecting your 500 hours. Once you complete both the training and your 500 hours you can sit for the CPRS test.

I applied for training but haven't heard back, was I accepted?

Usually 2-3 weeks before the training we will reach out to you for an interview via phone, or email.

Is training free?

Yes! There may be a small fee for the supplies.

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State Integrated Behavioral Health Peer Recovery Specialist Training

46 CEU’s – 46 Contact Hours over multiple days/nights

The Integrated Behavioral Health Peer Recovery Specialist Training is the core training to begin your path to becoming a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist in the State of Rhode Island. It was designed by BRSS TACS and leaders in the Rhode Island recovery network. This model is designed to provide an up-to-date approach to assist those in recovery from substance use disorder and mental health challenges. This 46-hour training provides you with the necessary educational hours to continue your path to becoming certified. We cover all of the domains required by the Rhode Island Certification board. Right now all classes are being done in an online protocol.

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Recovery Coaching and Professionalism Training

12 CEUs – 12 Contact Hours over 2 days

Anchor Recovery Training Academy is dedicated to training allies and individuals with lived experience in the various aspects of the worldwide recovery movement. Peer Recovery Specialists (versed in both substance use disorder and mental health challenges) face life and death situations on a daily basis. Our mission is to provide these peer specialists with all the applicable training and workshops to perform their jobs professionally and safely. Where previously you would find peer recovery specialists in recovery community centers, we are now seeing a greater need for skilled peers to work in other professional settings such as hospitals, treatment facilities, police stations, and court systems. In response to this demand, we utilize the highly-acclaimed CCAR Recovery and Professionalism Training for coaches looking to expand the depth of their professionalism.

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Ethical Considerations

The 2021 Ethical Considerations will be held virtually through Zoom.

16 CEUs – 16 Contact Hours over 2 days

Peer-to-peer recovery support services have grown exponentially over the past few years. The issue of ethical consideration has been discussed in many circles yet formal training has been lacking for peer support specialists. This 16-hour training from CCAR addresses those critical needs. Based on the widely used Ethical Guidelines for Delivery of Peer-based Recovery Support Services by William White and PRO-ACT (2007), we designed this training to help coaches, and anyone else who works in a peer role to understand how critical it is to be ethically responsible. Using presentations, small group work, and role-play to address many areas including defining the peer service role and functions, coaching standards, issues of vulnerability, ethical decision making, performed enhancement, and legal issues.

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Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®)

The Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP®) is a personalized wellness and recovery system born out of and rooted in the principle of self-determination. WRAP® is a wellness and recovery approach that helps people to

  1. Decrease and prevent intrusive or troubling feelings and behaviors
  2. Increase personal empowerment
  3. Improve the quality of life
  4. Achieve their own life goals and dreams.
Working with a WRAP® can help individuals to monitor uncomfortable and distressing feelings and behaviors and, through planned responses, reduce, modify, or eliminate those feelings. A WRAP® also includes plans for responses from others when an individual cannot make decisions, take care of themselves, and/or keep him/herself/themself safe.
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Please feel free to reach out to us during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. so we can continue supporting your training needs.

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