We can help you find your pathway to recovery.

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We strive to build the bridge to recovery in our centers, emergency rooms, and out in the community.

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Our Featured Training

Anchor Recovery Training Academy

Anchor Recovery is a national leader in Peer to Peer service. Our training hopes to further the development of peer recovery specialists across the country by offering the core classes needed to begin the journey. 

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Our Featured Meetings

Homecomers Meeting

From prison to positivity. Open to all who have ever been incarcerated.

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Our Featured Meetings

Recovery Yoga

Free to anyone in recovery.

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Our Featured Classes

Life Skills Class

Life Skills focuses on how the eight dimensions of wellness can improve your life! 

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Our Featured Training

Professionalism Training

Each time the Anchor volunteer calls, he/she will be asking me how the recovery is progressing and if you or your loved one are in need of additional support.

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