Request Naloxone Kits and/or Training

NARCAN is a lifesaving tool. If you or someone you love is currently using, if you are taking opioids even as prescribed, if you are around a large group often, you should carry NARCAN. Sign up below and get NARCAN delivered and learn how to use it. 

Request Naloxone Kit and/or Training

How to Use Narcan

How to Use Naxalone to Reverse a Drug Overdose

Step 1

Evaluate for signs of overdose
(Slow/no breathing, blue fingernails/lips, unable to wake). 

Step 2

Perform sternum rub (Vigorously rub breast bone in the middle of the chest). 

Step 3

If no response, call 911 for help. 

Step 4

Administer Naloxone (Refer to the above video for instructions on both intermuscular and nasal naloxone). 

Step 5

Place hand on person's chin, tilt head back, and pinch the nose closed. Perform rescue breathing (1 breath every 5 seconds). 

Step 6

If the person does not respond after 2-3 minutes, administer a second dose. 

Step 7

Repeat steps 4-6 until the person responds or EMS arrives.

Step 8

Do not slap or use ice/cold water to try and wake them. This could put them into shock.